YouTube Trends and Tips for 2022 to Get More YouTube Views

2022-02-09 09:09:03

Every month about 1.5 billion people visit YouTube. On average, they spend 40 minutes a day on this platform, which is record-breaking for social networks. In 40% of cases, search trends are not games, music or films, but popular worldwide informative videos.

  • YouTube trending - growing popularity of reviews and expert opinions. 50% of Internet users watch a video about a product or service before buying it.
  • Using YouTube videos to learn new things. Recently, online education has attracted more and more people. The format is especially popular with audiences up to 20 years old.
  • Strengthening the position of the internal social network of YouTube Community. While Facebook is developing by incorporating video content, YouTube is trying to deter users by adding social media features.
  • The growing popularity of live broadcasts. 13% of YouTube video traffic generate live streams. Real-time streams help build a connection between the brand and the client.
  • Top trending adaptation - vertical video for mobile devices, careful moderation of incoming materials, and an increase in the number of 36-degree videos.

Mobile video at the peak of popularity

YouTube beauty trends, YouTube food trends are steadily very popular with YouTube visitors. In 2021, video advertising costs worldwide exceeded $35.4 billion. Market participants expect not only further investment growth but also the emergence of new advertisers in the segment, which is greatly facilitated by the growing interest of the audience in trending videos for mobile phones. Smartphones fundamentally change the habits and behavior of people. Consumers are increasingly asking questions “on the run”, they want to receive information precisely at the moment when it is relevant and prefer not to read the answer, but to watch the video. The rapid development of YouTube trending worldwide is a key insight of our time, giving brands the opportunity to be with the consumer at the right time and place.

If a user is going to make an offline purchase, such as, for example, a car, then in 56% of cases in the decision-making process he will use online sources of information: actively search for video reviews of various models, view tips, lessons, instructions and so on through YouTube trending. 56% of consumers buy goods that they did not plan to buy, but after seeing the latest information about it on their smartphone at the right time changed their minds. Viral trends are widely used by leading brands, which significantly increases sales.

Trending Video 2022

Trending YouTube videos 2022 have opened up new talents to millions of people by making them recognizable.

 Top 3 trending videos of music clips:

  1. FINNEAS - Only A Lifetime
  2. Anne-Marie - Beautiful
  3. XoBrooklynne - My Crown

Challenges that are always in demand among YouTubers:

  • Challenges with food;
  • Try not to laugh;
  • Sports challenges;
  • Video game contests;
  • Guess the tune.

With the development of VR technology, the trends for 3D graphics have returned. 3D pictures are actively used in accounts. Such elements surely attract their attention. Bloggers either recreate real photos or make independent posts with sketches in all kinds of styles: flat art, doodling, watercolor studies, comics. Graphics are especially popular in the fashion and beauty industries. Animation diversifies the content and attracts viewers. Almost all bloggers have learned to make beautiful photos and layouts, profiles could have become clones of each other, but animated images help to stand out.

Top categories and topics to start in 2022

The era of ideal and always happy people has passed. It is no longer fashionable to decorate yourself with help filters and Photoshop. Even Vogue photographs show freckles, skin problems, and imperfections. Now, exactly good content creates the atmosphere in the picture, conveys emotion and ideas.

A niche on YouTube you think of choosing should be spoken with clear language choosing the right words so that users come here. Ideas for beginners should equally carry away a hardcore bearded man and a luxury lady with a hairstyle for 500 dollars. To be popular on YouTube will help unchanged topics of love, relationships, and friendships. Add a little personality to any topic and the attendance of your channel will increase many times. Ideas that are able to attract:

  • “How a friend and I opened a business and what came out of it”,
  • “5 reasons not to open a business with friends”,
  • "My business experience with a relative: pros and cons",
  • "Lost his wife and found his business".

An untouched niche guarantees fast promotion if you are able to hook the audience with the plot. In the niche ideas list, you can include ambitions, dreams, meanings, “wish lists” of yours. It is not easy to find a profitable one, but you can take any of the most popular topics and add a sufficient amount of personal emotions to them. It always works flawlessly. Among the top niches are health, well-being, weight loss, exercising, travel, the sea, mountains, palm trees. Do not look for popular topics, create them, the main thing is your creativity, and a blog on YouTube will become mega popular among users.

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