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2022-02-28 09:22:30

Using YouTube for business: 3 benefits

  1. A huge audience. Users like to watch videos and even more so to share them. That is why there is such a great reach for channels.
  2. The share of video content on the web is getting bigger year by year.
  3. A big part of Internet users watches live on YouTube. That's what Google's research says.

How to promote YouTube channel and optimize videos

Optimize your YouTube videos if you want your content not only to stand out among the others but also to be promoted by the video hosting service itself.


  • Use sales phrases to create a great headline
  • Use a keyword in the headline


  • Timecodes are a great way to navigate and make it much easier for your audience to watch your video. Separate your video into several parts and specify the start time of each in the description. And when the user clicks on the specified time, he/she will start watching from the right moment.


  • They help in ranking videos in all search engines and inside YouTube


Special messages popping up in the upper right corner of the video with which you can do:

  • links to old or new videos
  • link to web resources
  • advertising of goods or services

YouTube Trailer

The first thing users pay attention to when they first visit your channel. You can talk about the topic of your channel, and why it is worth subscribing to you.

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