What Are High Retention YouTube Views And How To Boost Audience Retention

2022-04-28 14:53:33

High retention YouTube views is the long-term retention of the audience's attention when they watch a video. But there is still no exact definition of how to count high retention YouTube views. How much is it in minutes? The algorithms hide it. But we definitely know that the longer a person watches a video the better it is for the statistics. High retention rates are what youtuber or marketer strives for because it's the key to success.

You can find a graph of audience retention for each video on YouTube Analytics, Engagement section.

Audience retention is important

Once YouTube states: “We’ve started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching.”  So, YouTube wants you to watch videos more and more, and spend much time on this videoplatfrom.

This indicator affects how the video will be promoted in the future. The longer you are watched, the more noticeable the video becomes and the more often it appears in recommendations. 

How to increase audience retention

1) A person within a few seconds concludes whether or not the video is interesting to him/her. Your task is to catch the attention. What can you do?

  • At the very beginning, tell the viewer what benefits and value they will get from watching the video (for example, how to lose 10 kg in a month).
  • Show a cutting of the most interesting moments to intrigue.

2) Don’t let a viewer be bored! A monotonous image of a person in a video will make the viewer fall asleep or close the video. Experiment with inserts:

  • change the shooting angle
  • insert graphics and other visuals

3) Insert cards and end screen in each video. You need to literally make the user travel through your channel. Create a vicious circle: watch one video, then you offer him/her the next one, and so on one after another.

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